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Microchip Cat Flap Key

Microchip Cat Flap Key

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The PetSafe® Microchip Cat Flap Key allows cats without microchips (or cats whose microchip is not compatible) to use the PetSafe® Microchip Cat Door. It gives your cat or cats exclusive entry and stops unwanted animals and strays from entering your home. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

Key Features

  • Selective Entry – Gives your cat exclusive access while keeping curious and unwanted animals from entering your home
  • Multi-Pet Homes – Ideal for homes with multiple cats, the Microchip Cat Door can be used with numerous key fobs to ensure only your cats gain entry
  • No Microchip – Cats with incompatible microchips can still enjoy exclusive entry to your home
  • Independence – The key fob gives your cats the freedom and independence to come and go as they please
  • Water Resistant – The resilient and durable Microchip Key Fob can withstand even the most active cats with a lightweight and water-resistant design


Compatible with:
Microchip Cat Flap (PPA19-16145)


Water resistant

System Includes

1 Microchip Cat Flap Key

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